The perfect shade of red

Hey there. Here’s a random post on bright punchy red lipstick that I wrote as a pick-me-up when we had absolutely terrible February weather.

Bright red lipstick can certainly make a rainy Monday morning feel a bit happier. The tricky thing with red lipstick  though, is that if you get the shade wrong for your skin tone it can look a little ‘off’. I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time trying out shades of lipstick that work for my pale complexion with cool undertones, and so I figured I would share some of my favorites so someone else can benefit from my obsessive lipstick research!

Perfect Reds

1. If you’re looking for a punchy candy apple red, BareMinerals’ Call the Shots is beautiful. It looks slightly pinkish in the photo, but on me it is a true red. Personally I prefer the way it looks applied lightly over lip balm for everyday wear, but if you want to go all in it is beautiful when applied thickly as well. Just make sure you touch up through the day since the creamy texture means it tends to come off a bit unevenly.

2. Clinique’s Butter Shine lipstick in Parisian Red is another great choice for a true red. It veers very slightly more towards orange than Call the Shots, so on me it’s a bit more of an intense look. The texture is very creamy so it goes on easily, and depending on how much you apply it can be anything from a sheer glossy red to a more intense look.

3. For a darker more bourdeaux red, I love Chanel hydrabase in Barcelona Red. I find it a bit drying on its own, but applied  over lip balm it’s gorgeous and colorful without being overwhelming. I think this is a great choice if you’re playing up your eyes, but still want to do a red lip, because the pink tones make it a bit less overpowering on cool complexions.

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