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30 before 30

Cliched as it is, I’ve decided to put down some of the things I want to challenge myself to do into a “30 before 30”┬álist.

Here they are in no particular order:

  1. Take photos in a photo booth (with a friend)
  2. Learn to cook hollandaise sauce from scratch
  3. Learn to poach eggs (see where I’m going with this?)
  4. Have kids
  5. Go on a trip through Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos
  6. Start a PhD
  7. Fire a gun (safely, at a shooting range, of course)
  8. Do 10 pullups
  9. Climb a 7 (Norwegian rating i.e. ca 5.11b-c US/VIII- UIAA)
  10. Go to bed and get up early for at least 30 consecutive days (including weekends!)
  11. Go hang out in the CA wine country
  12. Actually finish knitting a sweater
  13. Establish a cleaning routine and keep it up for at least two months
  14. Re-learn to eat sloooooowly
  15. Go vegetarian for a month
  16. Complete a project 333 session
  17. Complete the Minimalists’ “21 days to minimalism” challenge
  18. Get a professional massage
  19. Do a one week (minimum) digital detox
  20. Join a tango or salsa dancing group
  21. Establish an exercise regime I like and can stick with
  22. Get in exceptional shape (for me) at least at one point
  23. Run a color run
  24. Send a card to PostSecret
  25. Hike Mt. Washington
  26. Climb in Yosemite
  27. Get married to my bf
  28. Go on a road trip from Florida to California
  29. Hike/climb Stetind
  30. Do a housekeeping routine every day for a month

And of course… blog about all of it.

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