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January Cure – in September?

I remember reading about Apartment Therapy’s “January Cure” back in January, and thinking it sounded like something I’d like to try. We were in the middle of a move at the time, though, so I ended up never really getting into it.

Now that we’re moving into fall I started thinking about our apartment again and all the things I’d like to get done, and it just seemed to make sense to fix things that have been bugging me now that it’s about to get darker and colder and we’ll be spending more time indoors. So, inspired by the january Cure, I decided to spend September trying to fix up our apartment so that we can enjoy the winter in a space that hopefully works a bit better for us (or at least has fewer easily fixable issues that are so annoying they make me want to rip my hair out).

I won’t be following the January Cure instructions to the letter – I’ll be tweaking the list of tasks and the timing a bit to fit my schedule and to do list better.

The first task in the January Cure is to do a walk-through of your space and make a list of everything that needs fixing. I decided to do this *very* thoroughly and included everything that bothers me, even though most of it i obviously won’t be able to fix by the end of September. The things that bother me the most and/or that I’d like to fix first are bolded, and as you will notice from the question marks, there are quite a few issues I don’t know how exactly to handle.

So, without further ado, here’s the list I’ve compiled:

– Thorough cleaning
– Fix ski rack
– Figure out a better storage solution for keys etc.
– Fix paint
– Possibly move hanging rack higher?
– Possibly (long term) exchange hooks for stainless steel and move existing ones to the bedroom?
– Deep cleaning
– Thoroughly cleaning the shower + glass doors + bottom plastic bit
– Buy fluffy white towels + robes
– Buy hampers for storage under sink
– Find a way to stick up the bottom thingy on the washer
– Possibly fix the silicone behind the sink?
– Thorough cleaning
– DIY padded headboard
– Buy matching bedskirt?
– Extra set of white sheets
– Pillow covers for extra pillows
– New summer duvet
– Switch out shelf-thingy for a dresser
– Get a slim laundry basket
– Hang artwork?
– Hang curtains in front of closet (maybe something like this?
– Possibly build additional shelving in nook by closet?
– Get wooden board/plate and pillar candles
– White gauzy curtains and leather pull backs
– Darker blinds?
– Possibly extra chairs?
– Stain nightstand?
– Matching lamps/lampshades
– Storage baskets for top of cabinets
– Paint cabinets white
– Change hardware
– Stain + poly the countertop
– Fix the backsplash – maybe tile or add glass or similar?
– Switch out one of the magnetic racks for a hanging rod?
– Deep cleaning
– Declutter top of fridge + figure out attractive storage for top of fridge
– Buy pastry board and nice cutting board – get rid of crappy cutting boards
– Find a better way to store oven mitts, towel and dish towel
– Remove top of counter hooks
– Declutter all the weird stuff that we don’t use in the two corner cabinets
Hallway area by the bookcase:
– Remove and get rid of whiteboard
– Hang full length mirror
– Add storage next to the bookcase?
– Hang the guitar (move the picture to gallery wall above TV (cf. below))?
– Possibly paint the bookcase white?
– Move plants to the cabinet?
Living room area:
– Whitewash the table
– Add ivory/natural rug?
– Remove the shelf over the TV and create gallery wall
– Paint the TV stand white or cover in wood and stain?
– Recover the chair to white
– Sew pillow cases for the three new pillows
– Add storage basket for magazines and throws (Westelm?)
– Possibly add curtains?
Dining room:
– Whitewash table
– Recover chair cushions on remaining 2 chairs
– Print and hang pictures above the table
– Fix the lighting sitch
Sewing nook:
– Find a new place to store fabric and notions
– Switch out table for storage and just use the ?
– Add lamp?
– Move swivel chair to the office
– Add rug so the chair doesn’t slide backwards
– Hang remaining black picture frames
– Add hanging storage basket?
– Hanging planters?
– Recover and hang pinboard?